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Celebrating 112 Years of Service

Welcome to New Haven Moving Equipment

Please watch as CEO James Levine talks about our company, its history, our products, and why the HMS Dreadnought came to be our company’s logo

Founded in 1911, New Haven is a family-owned business that manufactures and distributes high quality Moving Equipment, Corrugated, Packaging and Cargo Control to the Moving & Transportation, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Entertainment, Storage and Restoration Industries, as well as to Government Agencies, Universities, Libraries, Museums and Corporations. Our products are known in the industry for their reliability, innovative design, engineering excellence and quality components.

Our story began over a century ago with a horse drawn-wagon when our founder looked for ways to provide movers with effective and safer ways to move goods across America’s small towns and later across the nation. Please read our entire story below! In the years and decades that followed, New Haven’s engineers created the nation’s first machine-made furniture moving pad, the Dreadnought (now considered by many to be the industry’s most protective and finest made moving blanket) and later was the only U.S. company to utilize lasers and robotics in manufacturing moving pads. At the same time, we expanded our manufacturing and distribution to include a comprehensive and vast selection of high quality packaging, corrugated and equipment specifically engineered for the rigorous demands of professional movers and the many industries we serve.

What sets us apart however is not only our commitment to the quality and integrity of every one of our products, but also our dedication to you, our customer. It gives us the greatest pleasure to meet long term customers, now mentors in their fields, who share with us that it was New Haven’s support, decades ago, of their fledgling company, as well as the reliability of our products, that allowed them to gain the trust of their clients and grow and expand into the prosperous business they now have. And it gives us tremendous pleasure to work with all our customers each and every day, offering quality products that they can genuinely count on, and creating customized solutions for even the most complex moving or cargo control need. All of us at New Haven, our entire New Haven family, pride ourselves on the care that we give to our customers—from the friendliness and “we are here to help” attitude you can expect at any of our 18 coast-to-coast locations-- to our commitment to offer you prompt (often next-day) delivery and fast turnaround at our distribution centers. We care about your time, and it shows. Many of our salespeople and managers were professional movers or a part of the industry for decades, and understand your needs, expectations, and concerns. Our goal is to provide you with the most outstanding service, quality products, and economical pricing—so that you can succeed in your business and in all your endeavors.


Established In 1911

Roots Run Deep.


Before the major van lines, tractor trailers and the interstate highway system.  Before talking movies, refrigerators, and moving cartons.  It was 1909, and young David H. Levine started a business, going door to door on his Horse and Wagon—refurbishing local townspeople’s mattresses and selling homemade quilts.   During his travels, David developed friendships with local movers, who shared with him their challenges when moving household goods safely.   This gave David an idea.  After returning home from World War I, he worked on toughening his New Haven quilts so that movers could utilize them to protect their customers’ goods.  The movers experienced these new “Moving Blankets” as a game changer, and  David’s passion for designing quality moving pads and products was borne.  In 1911 David opened the first New Haven store in New Haven, Connecticut (he would have been so gratified to know that in the century ahead, his sons and grandsons would open 18 more from coast to coast), and dedicated himself to creating safer and smarter ways for movers to move.


1940. A Country in Transition

It was an historic time for our country—first the Great Depression followed by WWII. David had volunteered for service in the American Expeditionary Forces during WWI and had a great love for our country and our servicemen, seeking ways to help however he could. David ultimately was able to channel his expertise with textiles and equipment into the war effort—manufacturing camouflage nets for both theaters of war as well as the iconic green G.I blanket. Later, recognizing the need for a national infrastructure—something that would ultimately play a vital role for interstate movers, David produced curing mats used in the formation of highways on the East Coast. And in the decades to follow, David engineered the first machine made moving pad in the United States, elevating its quality and consistency.



New Haven Expands

In the 1960’s David turned the leadership of New Haven to his son and our father, J. Paul Levine, who inherited from his father a dedication to the moving industry.. As a young man, Paul had worked on the production of the F101 jet fighter while serving in the US Air Force and immediately sought to infuse his love of engineering and transportation into New Haven and to expand the scope of New Haven’s innovative designs in order to serve additional industries. Paul went on to develop and introduce a large array of state-of-the-art products for the moving, transportation, aeronautics, relocation, military, commercial and entertainment industries, many of which would earn First in Class and are still in use today by professional movers. However, Paul is most fondly remembered —not only for the key role he played in establishing our country’s industry standards in moving equipment but also, for the relationships he created with his staff, with his customers and with movers here and abroad. He was proud of his role in helping moving companies get their start and playing a mentorship and community role for decades. Paul’s legacy of placing customer service at the core of New Haven is something carried forward to this day. As such, he was the first vendor to have earned the “Distinguished Service Award” by the American Moving & Storage Association and was presented post-humously with the International Mover’s Association Life Achievement Award in 2017.


1990 and Beyond to the Present Day

A Family Business

After our father's passing, we (sons James, Roger and Larry) unequivocally knew what the company’s mission needed to embody: a synthesis of what our father Paul stood for-- prioritizing customer support and the manufacturing of only the highest quality products—along with the important goal of maintaining economical, below market pricing so that our customers could thrive in today’s very competitive world. We were excited in the early 1990’s, after years of research and development, to utilize robotics and lasers in the creation of furniture moving pads in our Louisville and L.A. factories. Also in the 1990’s, we expanded our distribution of Corrugated and Moving Boxes to now include a vast array of specialty boxes, used not only by household goods and commercial movers, but also by international movers and the military. With the advent of the 21st century and growing customer expectations for online purchasing and expedited deliveries/shipments, we worked hard to create a website that would allow professionals in all of the industries we serve to order and receive products effortlessly, and for the first time would give consumers, who are in need of moving boxes and packaging, the ability to buy products that meet high professional standards. And to ensure the safety of our drivers and to protect the integrity of our products en route to our customers, we invested in, and continue to invest in, a state-of-the-art truck fleet.

As our world and the demands of technology, the economy and the industries keep changing, we are excited to evolve to meet our clients’ needs. But we will always remain passionately focused, as did our father and grandfather, on maintaining a sense of family with all our customers and to earning your trust every day.





New Haven has been an intricate part of the lives of each of our executive team: oldest brother James; middle brother Roger; and youngest brother Larry since their childhood. Growing up in Los Angeles, they recall countless days spent as young men in New Haven’s L.A. manufacturing plant, run by their father Paul Levine, where they came to develop a love for both the customers as well as the “behind the scenes” engineering and manufacturing processes. Summers were spent learning the protocols for quilting, garneting, finishing, woodworking and cargo control. Each brother explored different professional options during college. But the sense of New Haven embodying family and a unified purpose brought James, Larry and Roger back to New Haven. Together, the Levine brothers began the slow but steady course of opening up stores throughout the country, and expanding the number of industries we serve as well as the depth of the company’s product offerings., Like all brothers, their personalities are different, but their goal is singular: to maintain and continue to create a meaningful business predicated on positive values, integrity, a focus on customers and the engineering of high quality, smart, state-of-the-art products that will better the lives of their customers.

Our Family Legacy of Putting Our Customers First

Meet Our Executive Team.

Pictured from left to right

Larry Levine, Co-President

James Levine, CEO

Roger Levine, Co-President


At New Haven, customer service is not a slogan but is at the heart of who we are. Many of our salespeople and general managers have decades of experience or have worked professionally in the industries we serve--and know first hand your challenges and unique needs. Our goal, when you or your driver enter any of our 18 Distribution Centers, is that you will receive expert support, customized solutions and prompt, friendly service. We can often offer same of next day delivery and a 20 minute response time from the moment you enter. You matter to us, and so does your time.

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Award Winning

Outstanding Customer Service

Many of our products have won “first in class”

Greetings from some of our New Haven Family

Meet Some of Our New Haven Family