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moving with pets

12 Tips For Moving With Pets

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Moving home is an exciting experience but we all know that it comes with a certain amount of stress. Many pet owners are understandably concerned about how their dogs, cats or other animals will adapt to the upheaval of the move and settling into a new home and neighborhood. The following 12 tips are designed to help make the process as positive and successful as possible. Of course, every pet is different and if you have a particularly nervous or confident companion then feel free to modify the tips below using your own judgment. Having said that, please don’t underestimate…

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Hall of Fame Award from IAM

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Paul Levine, New Haven's second CEO, was inducted posthumously into the IAM (Int'l Assoc. of Movers) Hall of Fame this past week. Paul was awarded for the significant role he played in the moving industry, and the video presented at the Tribute of his life, attended by 1,800 people in the...
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by James Levine, CEO, New Haven Moving Equipment The best way to become proficient in selecting quality moving boxes is to become educated about the materials and technology employed in the process of their construction.  This article will give you a quick and cursory understanding of how moving boxes are made,...
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A Mom’s Guide to Moving Day

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by James Levine A month before your move, make a list of every telephone call  or online task that needs to be accomplished in order to simultaneously turn off and turn on your utilities.  You will need to contact most or all of the following: Your internet and cable services Your electric and gas companies Your telephone company (if different than your internet company) Your water company Your sanitation company. The post office for a change of address Your bank(s) for a change of address The Department of Motor Vehicle Registration Your homeowners insurance company and automobile insurance company Your…

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Many Uses of Moving Pads

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As professional movers know, Furniture Moving Pads are an absolutely essential part of your residential moves  They are used during a move to protect your furniture, antiques,  pianos, chairs, and all important objects from knicks or breakage.  In addition, they are often wrapped around bannisters or put on the walls...
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Moving Tips: How To Pack A Painting & Mirrors Safely

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One of the frequently asked questions professional movers ask me is how to best pack a painting. Given the liability involved with moving art and how easy it is to injure the glass, the picture frame and/or the painting itself—not to mention the importance art holds to people, it is important to use the best possible methods as well as the best possible packaging materials. 2261

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Save Money

Why Hiring a Professional Moving Company Can Save You Money

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The cost of moving can be financially burdensome to a family or a company, and the final cost, after all of the bills have been tallied, often can be far more than what was initially budgeted for. There are the costs associated with a new office, warehouse, home or apartment—including but  not limited to such fees as security deposits, down-payments, first months rent, brokers fees, etc.  There are bills originating from internet and telephone providers, interior designers and general contractors, painters and security system installers.  The list of bills during a moving period can seem endless and is unique to…

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Move household appliances safely

Tips When Selecting a Commercial Moving Company

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There are many excellent Commercial Movers in the market today offering superb service, expertise in packing and moving, and integrity. A good corporate moving experience can make a tremendous difference in maintaining the productivity of your company during the move. Finding the right mover who will be there to support you during this vital time for your company is important and can be easily accomplished with some planning and effort. 1. Carefully Plan Your Moving Date and Make Sure that Your Moving Company Can Commit to a Date That’s Good For You It takes time and straitening of dates in…

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Maintaining the Integrity of Confidential Information & Privacy during a Commercial or Residential Move

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How to maintain information & privacy during a commercial or residential move? When planning a move, an often overlooked but very important consideration is the protection of documents and computers that contain private you or your company’s private information. For companies, sensitive information can range from corporate finances, operations details, corporate strategies, private information regarding clients, and client credit card information to private information about employees, including employee social security numbers and salaries. For individuals, private information similarly can extend from personal records to finances, and the results from privacy and identity theft can be devastating. New Haven’s in-house experts…

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move household appliances

How to Move Your Household Appliances while Protecting Your Appliances and Floors?

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We are often asked for tips regarding how to safely move refrigerators, dishwashers, and other home appliances, and it is certainly understandable why this part of a domestic move can seem particularly challenging. Move household appliances is in some ways more complicated and requires more advance planning than does moving even fine furniture. Here is a list for you that that our New Haven experts put together to help ensure that your move will be safe and as effortless as is possible. STEP 1 – PREPARE YOUR APPLIANCES TO BE MOVED First, empty out the contents of your appliances and…

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#70 moving pad

Is Cotton and Densely Woven Material Important in a Furniture Moving Pad?

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Cotton is a very valued and sought after fiber for clothing and linens.  However, in response to a rise in cost in cotton and other natural fibers, as well as a concurrent increase in the use of synthetic, less costly fibers—the use of cotton in all types of textiles appears to be diminishing. So as a mover or individual wanting to make a decision as to whether or not to spend more money on a furniture moving pad that is composed of cotton (or most likely a poly-cotton blend), it’s important to first ascertain the benefits of cotton in general,…

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What Equipment Do You Need for a Commercial Office Move?

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Moving an office provides a unique set of requirements and challenges that is different from those of moving a home. First of all, the advanced planning is often logistically complex—involving coordinating the installation of computers, electronics, telephones and security systems while simultaneously keeping the communications and day-to-day business of a company intact. The moving equipment you need will need to conduct an efficient commercial move is different from those of a residential move as well. Here is a a basic list of office moving supplies that movers’ “must have’s” for a cost-efficient, time-efficient, safe, stream-lined office move: Needful Equipment for Commercial Relocation…

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How to select the right moving blanket/pad part-1

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PREMIUM MEDIUM WEIGHT FURNITURE BLANKET/PAD: THE INDUSTRY’S MOST POPULAR CHOICE FOR LOCAL MOVERS AND THE MOVING PAD YOU CAN DEPEND UPON New Haven Moving Equipment has established the industry’s standards for furniture moving pads for over 100 years. New Haven invented the first ever machine made furniture pad in the United States. New Haven later utilized lasers and robotics to manufacture state-of-the-art furniture pads in their factories in Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California. To this day, New Haven consistently fuses their experience and knowledge of textile engineering with their concern for their customers’ needs and budgets. New Haven’s Premium Medium…

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All moving boxes are not the same, although at first glance they may appear the same, and selecting the wrong box can jeopardize the safety of the contents being moved. This is why it is important to make an informed decision when purchasing your moving boxes. Corrugated boxes are evaluated using several types of criteria. The criteria for rating the strength and quality of a moving box include the following: 1)  The thickness of the box’s wall (is the wall of the moving box single, double or triple?) 2)  The type of fluting (rated as A,B,C,D, E. F) 3)  Whether or not the…

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Go Green with New Haven’s Patented E-Crate System

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With New Haven’s eco-friendly, patented E-CRATE ® system, you can go green on your next commercial office move. Each of New Haven’s patented E-CRATES is composed of ten pounds of high density polypropylene—making New Haven’s ECRATE ® the strongest and most durable, re-usable box in the industry today. New Haven’s...
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New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught Furniture Moving Pad for Optimal Protection, Durability and Multiple Use

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New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught Furniture Moving Pad for Optimal Protection, Durability and Multiple Use. The highest quality furniture moving pad in the industry. Given the vast array of moving pads now on the market, even an experienced mover can be uncertain about which New Haven furniture pad is best to...
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New Haven Moving Equipment announces its upcoming 105th year anniversary

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New Haven Moving Equipment, the nation's premiere manufacturer and distributor of corrugated, packaging and moving equipment, is excited to announce its 105th year anniversary--a milestone anniversary in the industry. New Haven's long legacy of engineering innovations, manufacturing and distribution in the corrugated, packaging and moving equipment industry "has a very...
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