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Are you moving to a New City? 6 Cost Effective Ways to get your Interstate Move on

By | Moving Tips

Are you planning to move interstate? Are you concerned about the cost of hiring a full-service moving company? The price of convenience can be high so if you’re willing to share the burden of moving your belongings there are other ways to get your interstate move on. The following six methods are all viable alternatives to hiring a full-service moving company when moving interstate (unless you’re relocating to Hawaii or Alaska!) We have arranged them in ‘cheapest first’ order but this is only a guide as there are often good deals to be had if you look around for them….

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Steps to Pack a House to Move in a Week

By | Advice for Moving, Moving Tips

When moving home there are many things to think about and organize and it is best to prepare around a month ahead of the moving day to ensure everything goes smoothly. But what happens if something unexpected comes up and you find yourself needing to move quicker than expected? This guide was created for just that situation. By being more efficient with your operation, you really can slash the time it takes to organize, pack and move your belongings. Here’s How to Pack a House to Move Within a Week: Initial Preparations Few house moves will really happen within a week…

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moving with pets

12 Tips For Moving With Pets

By | Advice for Moving, Moving Boxes, Moving Tips

Moving home is an exciting experience but we all know that it comes with a certain amount of stress. Many pet owners are understandably concerned about how their dogs, cats or other animals will adapt to the upheaval of the move and settling into a new home and neighborhood. The following 12 tips are designed to help make the process as positive and successful as possible. Of course, every pet is different and if you have a particularly nervous or confident companion then feel free to modify the tips below using your own judgment. Having said that, please don’t underestimate…

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Hall of Fame Award from IAM

By | Press Release
Paul Levine, New Haven's second CEO, was inducted posthumously into the IAM (Int'l Assoc. of Movers) Hall of Fame this past week. Paul was awarded for the significant role he played in the moving industry, and the video presented at the Tribute of his life, attended by 1,800 people in the...
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Movers Story: Scott White

By | Movers' Stories
Hello, my name is Scott White. Some of you know me as Scooter and this is my story. I left home on December 8,1985. I was only 15 years old and It was my birthday. I had $20 in my right front pocket. Let's just say my childhood was not...
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Bob Thornton

Bob Thornton

By | Photos from the road
  This never gets old.  Every time I'm in my truck making a delivery and "the mountain" (Rainier) is out, it sure takes my breath away.  I brought my wife with me last winter so she could see this. Enjoy! Bob Thornton
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A Mom’s Guide to Moving Day

By | Advice for Moving, Lifestyle, Moving Tips

by James Levine A month before your move, make a list of every telephone call  or online task that needs to be accomplished in order to simultaneously turn off and turn on your utilities.  You will need to contact most or all of the following: Your internet and cable services Your electric and gas companies Your telephone company (if different than your internet company) Your water company Your sanitation company. The post office for a change of address Your bank(s) for a change of address The Department of Motor Vehicle Registration Your homeowners insurance company and automobile insurance company Your…

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