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High-Rise Apartments
Moving Tips
February 26, 2020

5 Tips for Moving Into a High-Rise Apartment

The demand for apartments in the U.S. is at an all-time high. If it’s your first time moving into a high-rise apartment, there are certain steps you can take to prepare yourself. Don’t just show up to the building on move-in day with all of your stuff. You’ll want to plan the logistics beforehand, in order to make the process as smooth, cost-efficient and safe as possible.Here are a few tips to get started: Only bring what you need Getting rid of unnecessary stuff is the first step in making any kind of move easier. As you start packing your…
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Corrugated Cartons & Packaging
January 13, 2020

How to Choose the Right Boxes for Your Move

The average American moves 11 times in their life and uses enough cardboard to make up seven full trees. For your next move, will you use paper or plastic? Using the wrong boxes can have serious consequences, such as injuries and damages to personal processions. So get ready for your next move by understanding the different types of boxes available, what they’re made of and which items they’re designed to carry. Stay away from boxes that aren’t corrugated Using regular cardboard boxes for your move is never recommended. Instead, you should always rely on corrugated cartons. While they might look…
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Floor ProtectionFurniture PadsMoving Pads
September 9, 2019

How to Tell the Difference Between Moving Pads

When you first visit our Moving Pads page you might be overwhelmed with the different types of pad available. Although we've made it clear which are our highest quality furniture moving pads, you might be wondering what defines a great moving pad and whether it is worth spending an extra hundred dollars for a Dreadnaught Professional over a Heavy Duty Premium for example. Before we dive into the detail, it is worth pointing out that moving pads and moving blankets are the same thing so if you are looking to purchase furniture moving blankets, this article is for you…
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Moving Office
Advice for Moving
August 22, 2019

Office Relocation: Things to Plan in Advance

Office relocation can be a challenging task. Whether you're moving your office to a new street, another county or even a different state, planning is essential. The more aspects of your move you can organize in advance, the smoother the experience will be for all concerned. From initial high level planning to moving furniture and untangling the intricacies of moving your IT network, this article sets out the most important advance planning requirements. HIGH LEVEL PLANNING The quality of an office move can usually be directly linked to the quality of high level planning that has gone into it. The…
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Two wheel dolly
Moving Tips
August 8, 2019

Useful Moving Dollies and Equipment for Stairs

Unless you're lucky enough to be moving to and from a single floor building situated on ground level, you will one day have to move heavy furniture or equipment up and down stairs. And for that you will need high quality appliance dollies for stairs. It can be tempting to attempt this challenge using muscle power alone, especially if you or those helping you are big, bulky football players or ex-marines. However, this is a recipe for damage and injury, something which can be avoided by the right choice of moving equipment. There are plenty of products on the market…
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moving appliances
Advice for MovingMoving TipsUncategorized
July 24, 2019

How to Lift Heavy Appliances Safely (While Moving)

One of the most daunting parts of a house move is getting those heavy and awkward white goods from your home (where they may have stood for decades!) into the moving truck and back out at the other end. Assuming you are not willing to pay extra for a full moving service, there is no getting away from moving heavy appliances yourself: those appliances will need to move and someone is going to have to work out how. There is some good news though: providing you follow some simple precautions and invest in some good quality moving equipment, moving these…
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House plants
Moving Tips
July 8, 2019

How to Pack House Plants for Moving

If you think you can treat your house plants just like another inanimate object when you are moving home, think again. House plants can be incredibly sensitive compared to there sibling potted plants and house plants can go into shock if they're not handled carefully during your move. In most cases, you will be carrying your plants with you in your vehicle. Most moving companies refuse to take plants and they won't be able to give them the attention they need anyway. Therefore, this guide is designed to help you to load, transport and unload your precious house plants with the…
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Advice for MovingMoving Tips
June 22, 2019

7 Secrets of a Successful Office Move

Are you excited about an upcoming office move or dreading the chaos and upheaval? Either way, you will want to do everything within your power to make the moving process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Here are 7 valuable tips for a successful office move.     1 CREATE A DETAILED MOVING PLAN There is no such thing as being over-prepared for an office move so the more you can get organized ahead of time the better. Origin and destination maps are an essential part of the planning. These are 'before and after' floor plans and should include both…
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Office Moving
Advice for MovingMoving Tips
June 7, 2019

Questions to ask Yourself Before Moving for a job

Moving to a completely new area to start a new job can be terrifying and exhilarating in equal measures. Whether you are buzzing to get going or having an attack of the wobbly knees, what you have to be is prepared. (more…)
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Advice for MovingMoving Tips
May 14, 2019

Best DIY Packing Tips for Moving

Few people relish the task of packing up their worldly belongings in a matter of hours but this is exactly what moving home entails. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the hassle and chaos of moving and we have picked out some of the most effective DIY packing tips for moving.  Every successful move relies on safe and reliable packing which, in turn, depends on good quality packing supplies. That's where we will start.    CHOOSE QUALITY MOVING BOXES The best way to pack for moving includes picking up the accurate moving boxes. When you can pick up cardboard…
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wine packing boxes
Advice for MovingMoving BoxesMoving Tips
May 2, 2019

How to Transport Wine in a Car

Whether you're visiting family for a dinner party or taking a vacation with friends, you will one day need to transport bottles of wine in your car. How to Pack Your Wine Bottle Wine packaging is always a challenge as wine can be very sensitive, especially to high temperatures, so be sure to follow the tips below to ensure your wine is still fit to drink when you arrive at your destination. (more…)
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Bicycle Box
Advice for MovingMoving Tips
April 16, 2019

How to Pack a Bicycle / Bike in a Cardboard Box

Packing for a house move can cause anxiety for bicycle owners. While hobbyists worry about how they can safely disassemble their bicycles, professionals and amateurs alike are concerned about protecting their valuable vehicle from damage. This article covers both how to disassemble a bicycle and how to prepare it for shipping. (more…)
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Advice for MovingMoving Tips
April 3, 2019

How to Draw up your Business Moving Checklist

In business, as in life, it always pays to have a plan. If you are moving offices, the sooner you start preparing for the logistics of the move, the easier it will be. Creating a business moving checklist is a great way to keep on top of things as you can simply tick tasks off as they are completed. As every business is unique, this article focuses on a broad range of possible tasks to think about prior to creating a specific checklist for your business. To help you further with your planning, this article has been broken down into…
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Moving box
Advice for MovingMoving Tips
March 18, 2019

12 Master Packing & Moving Hacks to Make your Move Hassle Free

Let's face it, packing and moving home is never going to be the most relaxing experience but there are ways to take out much of the stress and strain. We've gathered together 12 top packing hacks for moving for the sole purpose of making your moving day go as smoothly as possible. (more…)
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Advice for MovingMoving Tips
February 26, 2019

10 Moving Tips for a Perfect Move

We all know that stress levels can run very high ahead of a house move. How are you going to get all of your stuff from A to B in time? There's so much to do! We've written this post to help you settle those nerves and ensure your moving experience is as close to perfect as possible. Here are the 10 moving tips for a perfect move. (more…)
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Moving into an apartment
Advice for MovingCorrugated Cartons & PackagingMoving Tips
February 5, 2019

Checklist for Moving Into An Apartment For The First Time

The excitement of moving into your first apartment can soon turn to dismay if you realize you've forgotten to bring a towel, cutlery, toothbrush or pillows. This room-by-room checklist will help ensure you don't suffer that inconvenience. (more…)
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Moving EquipmentMoving Tips
January 23, 2019

Tips for Hauling & Transporting Heavy Stones and Concrete Blocks

After moving into a new home, you might find that some serious landscaping is in order to make the best of your garden or outdoor space. Often, this means transporting and moving heavy stones, flagstones, concrete slabs, timber or bricks. Whenever moving something heavy, you should prioritize protecting your back. Back injuries are extremely painful and debilitating and can have you off work for months. The best way to protect your back is to avoid any lifting whatsoever. Here Are Four Tips to Help You Haul Heavy Stones and Concrete Blocks Invest in a Dolly The great thing about using…
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Advice for MovingMoving Tips
January 5, 2019

Tips for Moving Heavy Potted Plants

If you're a keen gardener in the midst of planning your home move, you will probably have a few heavy potted plants in your collection. Have you thought about how you are going to prepare and move them? This blog will guide you step by step how to move heavy potted plants. Plants, as you know, are very sensitive to their environment and often struggle to cope with the trauma of being uprooted (literally!) and moved across town or, even worse, across state lines. A bit of preparation can go a long way to reducing the impact of your move.…
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Advice for MovingMoving EquipmentMoving Tips
December 25, 2018

8 Simple Tips for Moving Furniture

Preparing to move large pieces of furniture and white goods can be a daunting task. However, there are plenty of ways to make things easier for yourself. Here are 12 simple tips to try out the next time you're moving house. Disclaimer: This article is written with the assumption that you will be following proper moving and handling techniques. If lifting, make sure you know what those techniques are so that you don't cause yourself an injury. (more…)
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Advice for MovingFurniture PadsMoving EquipmentMoving Tips
December 10, 2018

Quick Kitchen/Dining Room Packing Tips

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is perhaps the most daunting to pack. This is compounded when you are on a tight deadline as there are so many potential breakages (crockery, stemware,  bottles, etc.) and spillages (wine, liquor, oil, vinegar, etc.) if care isn't taken. The good news is that if you are organized, have the right packing materials and follow a systematic process, you can pack up your dining room/kitchen quickly and safely – in two days max. (more…)
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