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Eight Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving Abroad

By | Moving Tips

You Should Know These Things Before You Move Abroad Ten years ago I finally achieved my long-time ambition of leaving the United States and setting up home abroad. After three years in Europe, two in China and now five in Australia, I feel qualified to hand out some expat advice to my fellow Americans. For the most part I haven’t looked back since taking that first flight but I do sometimes feel I would have benefited from the following nuggets of advice. Here are the top eight things I wish I knew before moving abroad/8 Things I Wish I Knew…

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Movers Story: Scott White

By | Movers' Stories
Hello, my name is Scott White. Some of you know me as Scooter and this is my story. I left home on December 8,1985. I was only 15 years old and It was my birthday. I had $20 in my right front pocket. Let's just say my childhood was not...
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Bob Thornton

By | Photos from the road
  This never gets old.  Every time I'm in my truck making a delivery and "the mountain" (Rainier) is out, it sure takes my breath away.  I brought my wife with me last winter so she could see this. Enjoy! Bob Thornton
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