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Bedroom / Study Room Packing Tips

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Every room in the home has its own challenges when it comes to packing. Compared with the kitchen, bathroom or garage, the bedroom may seem easy to pack but what about moving mattresses, mirrors and expensive jewelry? How to pack a bedroom for move? This guide has plenty of tips to help you breeze through your bedroom packing schedule. Many people also combine their bedroom as a study so this guide also covers items you might find in a study room (desks, computers, books, etc.) Clothes Clothes can suffer badly during a move and even if they arrive in good condition,…

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Moving Tips: How To Pack A Painting & Mirrors Safely

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One of the frequently asked questions professional movers ask me is how to best pack a painting. Given the liability involved with moving art and how easy it is to injure the glass, the picture frame and/or the painting itself—not to mention the importance art holds to people, it is important to use the best possible methods as well as the best possible packaging materials. 2261

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All moving boxes are not the same, although at first glance they may appear the same, and selecting the wrong box can jeopardize the safety of the contents being moved. This is why it is important to make an informed decision when purchasing your moving boxes. Corrugated boxes are evaluated using several types of criteria. The criteria for rating the strength and quality of a moving box include the following: 1)  The thickness of the box’s wall (is the wall of the moving box single, double or triple?) 2)  The type of fluting (rated as A,B,C,D, E. F) 3)  Whether or not the…

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