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How to Tell the Difference Between Moving Pads

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When you first visit our Moving Pads page you might be overwhelmed with the different types of pad available. Although we’ve made it clear which are our highest quality furniture moving pads, you might be wondering what defines a great moving pad and whether it is worth spending an extra hundred dollars for a Dreadnaught Professional over a Heavy Duty Premium for example. Before we dive into the detail, it is worth pointing out that moving pads and moving blankets are the same thing so if you are looking to purchase furniture moving blankets, this article is for you too….

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Quick Kitchen/Dining Room Packing Tips

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Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is perhaps the most daunting to pack. This is compounded when you are on a tight deadline as there are so many potential breakages (crockery, stemware,  bottles, etc.) and spillages (wine, liquor, oil, vinegar, etc.) if care isn’t taken. The good news is that if you are organized, have the right packing materials and follow a systematic process, you can pack up your dining room/kitchen quickly and safely – in two days max.

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Furniture Moving Tips You Should Be Aware of Before Your Move

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How To Move Furniture? Moving heavy furniture has always been a challenging task. As with all aspects of a house move, the sooner and more thoroughly you prepare for your furniture move, the easier moving day will be. Start by running through this list and making a note of every safety tips for moving furniture that is relevant to your situation to move furniture easily. Source Quality Equipment You will need to buy or hire your furniture moving equipment well in time for moving day. You should be able to get everything you need from New Haven along with your…

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Many Different Uses of Moving Pads

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As professional movers know, Furniture Moving Pads are an absolutely essential part of your residential moves. The different uses of moving pads makes them absolute mandatory to keep. They are used during a move to protect your furniture, antiques,  pianos, chairs, and all important objects from knicks or breakage.  In...
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Are Cotton and Densely Woven Material Important in a Furniture Moving Pad?

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Cotton is a very valued and sought after fiber for clothing and linens.  However, in response to a rise in cost in cotton and other natural fibers, as well as a concurrent increase in the use of synthetic, less costly fibers—the use of cotton in all types of textiles appears to be diminishing. So as a mover or individual wanting to make a decision as to whether or not to spend more money on a furniture moving pad that is composed of cotton (or most likely a poly-cotton blend), it’s important to first ascertain the benefits of cotton in general,…

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New Haven’s Premium Furniture Pad NH70

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PREMIUM MEDIUM WEIGHT FURNITURE BLANKET/PAD: THE INDUSTRY’S MOST POPULAR CHOICE FOR LOCAL MOVERS AND THE MOVING PAD YOU CAN DEPEND UPON New Haven Moving Equipment has established the industry’s standards for furniture moving pads for over 100 years. New Haven invented the first ever machine made furniture pad in the United States. New Haven later utilized lasers and robotics to manufacture state-of-the-art furniture pads in their factories in Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California. To this day, New Haven consistently fuses their experience and knowledge of textile engineering with their concern for their customers’ needs and budgets. New Haven’s Premium Medium…

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New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught Furniture Moving Pad for Optimal Protection, Durability and Multiple Use

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New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught Furniture Moving Pad for Optimal Protection, Durability and Multiple Use. The highest quality furniture moving pad in the industry. Given the vast array of moving pads now on the market, even an experienced mover can be uncertain about which New Haven furniture pad is best to...
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