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8 Simple Tips for Moving Furniture

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Preparing to move large pieces of furniture and white goods can be a daunting task. However, there are plenty of ways to make things easier for yourself. Here are 12 simple tips to try out the next time you’re moving house. Disclaimer: This article is written with the assumption that you will be following proper moving and handling techniques. If lifting, make sure you know what those techniques are so that you don’t cause yourself an injury.

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Quick Kitchen/Dining Room Packing Tips

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Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is perhaps the most daunting to pack. This is compounded when you are on a tight deadline as there are so many potential breakages (crockery, stemware,  bottles, etc.) and spillages (wine, liquor, oil, vinegar, etc.) if care isn’t taken. The good news is that if you are organized, have the right packing materials and follow a systematic process, you can pack up your dining room/kitchen quickly and safely – in two days max.

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Are You Moving With Family? 8 Simple Tip For a Stress Free Move

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How to make a move without stress? whether for personal, work or family reasons, is a big and exciting step to take. however, it can also lead to stress levels soaring, especially if you have a spouse, children, and pets to take care of. A certain level of anxiety is probably unavoidable but here are top eight tips to take the edge off the stress while you are moving with family:

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How To Pack A Painting, Artwork & Mirrors Safely

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One of the frequently asked questions professional movers ask me is how to best pack a painting or how to pack artwork for moving? Given the liability involved with moving art and how easy it is to injure the glass, the picture frame and/or the painting itself — not to mention the importance art holds to people, it is important to use the best possible methods as well as the best possible packaging materials. Best way to pack picture frames is to pack them in the most fit and quality packing boxes you find in the market. 2261

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Maintaining the Integrity of Confidential Information & Privacy during a Commercial or Residential Move

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How to maintain information & privacy during a commercial or residential move? When planning a move, an often overlooked but very important consideration is the protection of documents and computers that contain private you or your company’s private information. For companies, sensitive information can range from corporate finances, operations details, corporate strategies, private information regarding clients, and client credit card information to private information about employees, including employee social security numbers and salaries. For individuals, private information similarly can extend from personal records to finances, and the results from privacy and identity theft can be devastating. New Haven’s in-house experts…

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How to Move Household Appliances Safely with Floor Protection

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We are often asked for tips regarding how to safely move refrigerators, dishwashers, and other home appliances, and it is certainly understandable why this part of a domestic move can seem particularly challenging. Move household appliances is in some ways more complicated and requires more advance planning than does moving even fine furniture. Here is a list for you that that our New Haven experts put together to help ensure that your move will be safe and as effortless as is possible. STEP 1 – PREPARE YOUR HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES TO BE MOVED First, empty out all the contents of your…

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What Equipment Do You Need for a Commercial Office Move?

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Moving an office provides a unique set of requirements and challenges that is different from those of moving a home. First of all, the advanced planning is often logistically complex—involving coordinating the installation of computers, electronics, telephones and security systems while simultaneously keeping the communications and day-to-day business of a company intact. The moving equipment you need will need to conduct an efficient commercial move is different from those of a residential move as well. You also need to consult nearby moving equipment company for the essential moving equipment. Here is a a basic list of office moving supplies that movers’…

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