All moving boxes are not the same, although at first glance they may appear the same, and selecting the wrong box can jeopardize the safety of the contents being moved. This is why it is important to make an informed decision when purchasing your moving boxes.

Corrugated boxes are evaluated using several types of criteria.

The criteria for rating the strength and quality of a moving box include the following:

1)  The thickness of the box’s wall (is the wall of the moving box single, double or triple?)

2)  The type of fluting (rated as A,B,C,D, E. F)

3)  Whether or not the carton is manufactured using recycled material.(Although at first glance, recycled corrugated material seems like a good idea to environmentally concerned consumers, the process of recycling not only creates pollution and utilizes energy, but also the usage of recycled corrugated material can minimize the strength and durability of the moving box).

4)  How well the carton performs in the Edge Crush Test.

(The Edge Crush Test is the industry’s most modern, laboratory-based test of the ability of a corrugated box or carton to withstand crushing.)

When the quality of a moving box is not up to high standards, sagging and tearing can occur—leaving your valuables at great risk.

When you purchase a moving carton from New Haven, you can be assured that your carton has been manufactured….

*with an ECT score of 32 or higher, assuring you durability and strength

*with major mill stock (and not recycled material)

*to resist crushing during a move

*to hold tape

New Haven Moving Equipment, an industry leader for over one hundred years, is dedicated to providing our customers with the most reliable and highest quality corrugated, packaging and moving supplies.

In addition, since using the right shape and size for packing is of vital importance in both protecting your valuables and cutting down on wasted material, we offer a large variety of corrugated boxes to meet your every need.  In addition to carrying  the traditional small, medium, and large moving cartons, we offer dish packs, speed packs (which can pack up an entire office), wardrobe cartons, mattress boxes, crib boxes, wine boxes, lamp boxes,mirror boxes, TV boxes and even bicycle boxes