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How To Choose The Right Floor Protection For Residential Moves

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One of the greatest risks during a Household Move is injury to floors and carpeting—and floor damage is one of the most common areas of complaints coming from customers following a move.  Protecting against denting, scraping or staining a floor or carpet is therefore one of the priorities when planning a residential move. There are several floor protection systems available today that will significantly help protect against floor damage—and therefore help protect you and your firm against claims. Knowing which floor protection is right for each specific type of floor will ensure the effectiveness of your floor protection. FOR HARDWOOD…
Scuff Shield

Tips for Professional Movers : Making a Move Easier with New Haven’s Scuff Shield

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Being a professional mover can be very gratifying. But no matter how experienced you are or no matter how physically fit or strong you keep yourself, there is always the chance for personal injury.   Over the years, you learn as a professional mover many strategies to protect yourself. Some of these methods include the following: Using your legs rather than your back to leverage the weight (bending with your knees) Wearing a back brace Using the right moving equipment and appliance dollies Wearing hard-toe shoes One of the easiest and relatively new way to protect yourself from personal injury is…

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