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by James Levine, CEO, New Haven Moving Equipment The best way to become proficient in selecting quality moving boxes is to become educated about the materials and technology employed in the process of their construction.  This article will give you a quick and cursory understanding of how moving boxes are made, and the impact of this on their ability to protect what is inside. The technical term—the term movers use for for moving boxes— is corrugated.  Corrugated refers to a paper board that combines strong paper with some sort of protective fluting; and corrugated products—such as moving boxes—have been in existence…

Are Cotton and Densely Woven Material Important in a Furniture Moving Pad?

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Cotton is a very valued and sought after fiber for clothing and linens.  However, in response to a rise in cost in cotton and other natural fibers, as well as a concurrent increase in the use of synthetic, less costly fibers—the use of cotton in all types of textiles appears to be diminishing. So as a mover or individual wanting to make a decision as to whether or not to spend more money on a furniture moving pad that is composed of cotton (or most likely a poly-cotton blend), it’s important to first ascertain the benefits of cotton in general,…

Go Green with New Haven’s Patented E-Crate System

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With New Haven’s eco-friendly, patented E-CRATE ® system, you can go green on your next commercial office move. Each of New Haven’s patented E-CRATES is composed of ten pounds of high density polypropylene—making New Haven’s ECRATE ® the strongest and most durable, re-usable box in the industry today. New Haven’s E-CRATE’S capacity is unmatched as well. At 2.3 cubic feet, a 14 inch legal file fill fit comfortably inside an E-CRATE ® (with no wasted space), and the New Haven E CRATE meets HIPAA guidelines to legally secure your most valuable documents. The E-CRATE ® will easily adapt to letter…

New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught Furniture Moving Pad for Optimal Protection, Durability and Multiple Use

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New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught Furniture Moving Pad for Optimal Protection, Durability and Multiple Use. The highest quality furniture moving pad in the industry. Given the vast array of moving pads now on the market, even an experienced mover can be uncertain about which New Haven furniture pad is best to select, and we are often asked by movers when it is appropriate to use New Haven’s #55 Dreadnaught, the most protective, highest quality, and durable furniture moving pad in the industry. New Haven’s #55 "Dreadnaught" Furniture Pad is manufactured exclusively by New Haven and is highly valued among professional movers.…