Movers Story: Francesco Todisco Sr.

By August 26, 2016Movers' Stories

Francesco Todisco Sr.

I got started in the summer of 1956 in Brooklyn with Gene Kelly moving and storage.  I was 15  and made $ 30 bucks a week plus tips.

My father got me the job. Back then $30 bucks was big money. I started as a chowder boy, which means light boxes brooms and mops, cushions, slates, bed rails–small stuff.

Soon I graduated to the big stuff because I was a strapping young man. Pop Kelly saw great cheap potential in me. Pop was an amazing guy– he always bought, no matter where we went, opened up with a container of coffee and crumb buns. That action opened a lot of doors, Pop was a master horse trader. I enjoyed watching him in action. He taught me rigging, hoisting and all aspects of the industry, which I carried with me all of my adult life.

Thanks Pop