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Moving Pads

No company is more trusted by professional movers for moving pads than New Haven. We have been manufacturing moving pads for over a century, and we were the first company in the United States to produce high quality moving blankets using lasers and robotics. From the material to the design, we work hard to ensure that you are getting the best quality and protection available, and our experience in moving blanket engineering allows us to produce strong, durable moving pads at the very best price for you.

You can use moving blankets to protect any items that need protection from scraping, breaking or any form of damage. You can wrap our blankets around your TV's, electronics, screens and Our blankets are perfect to wrap around sofas, tables, mirrors, artwork and any furniture that you want to ensure stays safe from knicks or damage. You can also wrap around a door to protect not only the door but the furniture that you are moving through your door.

Secure your moving pads with tape or our movers rubber bands, specially made to wrap around moving blankets.

Finally, when you are done moving, use your New Haven moving blankets for a picnic, at the beach, as a dog pad, as protective layering in the trunk of your car, or to wrap bicycles and other items that you are storing in your garage.