Go Green with New Haven’s Patented E-Crate System

With New Haven’s eco-friendly, patented E-CRATE ® system, you can go green on your next commercial office move. Each of New Haven’s patented E-CRATES is composed of ten pounds of high density polypropylene—making New Haven’s ECRATE ® the strongest and most durable, re-usable box in the industry today. New Haven’s E-CRATE’S capacity is unmatched as well. At 2.3 cubic feet, a 14 inch legal file fill fit comfortably inside an E-CRATE ® (with no wasted space), and the New Haven E CRATE meets HIPAA guidelines to legally secure your most valuable documents. The E-CRATE ® will easily adapt to letter as well as legal sizes, and optional file support bars are available so that you can transfer and hang the contents of a lateral office file drawer quickly and efficiently.

Another outstanding feature of New Haven’s E-CRATE ® is its ease of use. Three or four E-CRATES stack effortlessly on an E-CRATE DOLLY, and the E-CRATE dolly comes with nestling corners which prevent the E-CRATE from slipping off of the dolly. The E-CRATE dolly also has nesting edges so the stacked crates will not slide off of each other. Once stacked and ready to roll, handling the dolly and E-CRATES could not be any easier. New Haven’s engineers designed the E-CRATE® and its dolly to make sure that doorways are protected from damage. A New Haven E-CRATE stacked dolly easily rolls through doorways and can be maneuvered gracefully around tight spaces and cubicles to avoid causing damage to any property or walls. And loading and unloading a bobtail truck filled with ready-to-used, nestled E-CRATES has never been easier. The E-CRATE dollies when not in use can then be stacked. allowing for efficient and organized storage.

Very importantly, E-CRATES offer tremendous economic savings to you and your company and are the most economical solution for all of your moving and storage needs. With E-CRATES®, you no longer need to purchase corrugated boxes, tape, or tape-guns. It is reusable moving crate and its dollies will last for many, repeated moves. In addition, you will have reduced labor costs due to packing efficiencies, the increased dolly load capacity, and the ease of moving.

For our customers who would like to rent rather than purchase their E-CRATES® and dollies, E-CRATES can be rented by the day, week or month at any of New Haven’s fifteen (15) warehouse distribution centers around the country.

Revolutionize your moves, save money, and go green. Purchase or rent your E-CRATES today. Call 1-800-421-8700 for consulting, pricing and details.